Item Description:   Dog Bone Shaped Putting Green
Part Number:          PG-DB2PP-1
Assembled Length: 115.00 inches        9 ft – 7 inches        2.921 meters
Assembled Width:     33.00 inches        2 ft – 9 inches        .8382 meters
Assembled Height:     3.25 inches                                       .08255 meters
Assembly Time:         15 Minutes To Assemble; 1 Person Required
Number of Packages:  Arrives in (1) Box
Shipping Method:         UPS
Parts Included: Panels – (2);  Turf – (1) Putting Turf;  Accessories: (2) Cups; (1) Pin; (1) Pack of Contours; (1) Pack of Hardware; (1) Instruction Manual Pack With Decals
Materials Composition: Panels – Polypropylene Copolymer (Recycled Materials); Turf – 100% Polypropylene with Natural Rubber Latex Back
Care Instructions: Clean panels with a soft, damp cloth. Carefully sweep or vacuum the turf. When rolling up turf for storage, roll loosely with the green side out. Never crease the turf. For outdoor application: If unit will not be in use for an extended period of time, roll the turf with green side out, and store turf and accessory pieces indoors. If moving the assembly, use at least two people.
Warranty: 3 Years (Turf); 5 Years (Panels & Accessories)