Frequently Asked Questions

At SW Greens, we pride ourselves on providing our Indiana customers with the most realistic artificial backyard putting greens available.

Putting greens have never looked so good as they do with SWG Indiana! Our putting greens are made of the finest, longer-bladed artificial grass that the pros are choosing for their own home or commercial golf greens. Our artificial turf is designed for lifelike, bounce-back quality, and is made from synthetic fibers that will have you playing as close to the real thing as possible. Enhance your backyard or indoor play space with a professional putting green from Nicklaus Design and SWG!

We take the time to custom select the type of grass, measure the area, and truly design you an oasis that you can retire to after a long day. This attention to detail allows you to have a realistic looking backyard putting green in Indiana – all year round! If you are looking for a putting green in your Indiana backyard, let the experts at SW Greens help!

Our synthetic grass is perfect for residential homes and commercial areas! It makes for great feeling and looking indoor and outdoor turf lawns. If you’re looking for artificial turf grass to enhance your landscape or provide your home or business with an indoor or outdoor golf practice area, our synthetic grass and turf is the right choice for you. With our product, you get a lawn that stays green all year, needs little maintenance, won’t need to be mowed, watered or fertilized, and will last through humid summers and harsh winters.


There are many benefits to having SWG artificial grass in your front yard or backyard. You can custom design your artificial grass to be the best practice area for your golf games or you can use our synthetic grass to give your children a play area that’s safe and free of harsh chemicals! The options for your home are endless. Plus, you can eliminate the stress of maintaining your lawn during the changing seasons!

Construction of your home synthetic does not take long. If you’re ready to start your games at home, build a golf practice area outdoors or indoors with SWG and get the best for your sports zone.

Whether you’re looking to add beautiful green grass to your indoor or outdoor lawn areas, or you want to create an artificial turf golf course for your residential space, building a green with Southwest Greens will help you take your home to new heights.


SWG lawns are a great investment for your commercial property. Applying the combination of custom design and expert installation practices, Southwest Greens of Indiana can provide the perfect golf practice area for your office building, educational facility, country club, sports bar, or any other commercial setting. Benefiting from more than 15 years of experience in custom design installations, we specialize in both indoor and outdoor golf practice areas, ranging from 250 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. Our dedication to research and development allows us to provide the highest quality synthetic golf greens, while still providing a beautiful and professional golf practice area all year-round.

Retirement communities, hotels, or commercial business-office parks will enjoy a pleasing visual presence with our custom designs and expert installation. Our admirable putting greens are perfect for the avid golfer who is looking for more practice, additional activities for tenants, or simply just to enjoy hours of golfing fun with business associates, friends, or family. Southwest Greens of Indiana is committed to setting the industry standard in customized golf greens by teaming with Jack Nicklaus for an exclusive line of Nicklaus Design putting greens, aimed at reaching a Pro-Tour feel for our clients.
Comparing his personal Southwest Putting Green to a tour green, professional golfer Vijay Singh states that his greens “have definitely made an improvement” in his game. Our goal and passion is to provide all our customers with a specific custom design to optimize their practice environment. Our indoor and outdoor putting green installations can come fully equipped with tee boxes, sand bunkers, grass bunkers, putting greens, and professional golf greens. Our commercial installation projects will be monitored by a specialist from Southwest Greens of Indiana ensuring the specifications are met to help improve your golf score and overall golf game.

Our synthetic grass for your home indoor and outdoor areas make having a green lawn, year-round, easy. With fast and affordable construction and installation of your turf, you can start improving your residential or commercial area in as little as a few short weeks. Contact us today to get started.

Looking to enhance your residential or commercial area with Southwest Greens Indiana? Our artificial turf for inside and outside your home brings the best home synthetic practice surface to you. Not only is our outdoor turf and lawn grass durable, it also stays green all year long, giving you a beautifully kept lawn without the long hours of work.

Getting one of our indoor or backyard golf greens is simple. When you contact us, our expert construction and installation team can help you design your custom golf putting greens. Soon after, we’ll go to work on building a synthetic for your home golf zone. In just a little while, you can start your practice sessions on your personal, artificial, outdoor course.

Features of our golf greens and golf putting greens include:

  1. Low maintenance artificial turf
  2. Top quality synthetics for indoor and outdoor areas
  3. Customizable backyard greens

All of this and so much more is just a part of what makes our home practice turf so great. When you’re looking for the best golf putting greens and artificial turf for your indoor or backyard areas look no further than Southwest Greens Indiana. Our synthetic turf will have you putting your way to a better score, right from the comfort of your own home. Build a practice outdoor surface with SWG today!

It’s simple and quick to get the artificial lawn you’ve always wanted with SWG. Call us at 317-790-3230 or visit our website today!

Not only is a putting green in your Indiana backyard a great way to keep your lawn looking fantastic year-round, it also allows for you to practice on the best artificial putting green on the market. Our backyard golf greens are made from quality synthetic materials. Whether you’re looking for golf practice designs for your home or a green for your commercial space, our artificial greens are the only product you’ll need. Our residential greens are custom built to fit your space so there’s no need to worry about having a green that looks fake or poorly installed.

Our typical green is about 600 to 800 square feet and can be installed in under 1 week.  We can build you synthetic custom backyard putting greens, or we can take the fun indoors with one of our indoor putting greens. Synthetic putting greens for the home are quickly increasing in popularity.  Creating a fun filled backyard makes everyone feel like staying home.

Looking for your construction and installation to be completed by the best in backyard putting green and backyard golf green designs? SWG’s is just a phone call away. We will custom fit your artificial putting greens for your residential home or commercial areas and give you the best synthetic golf practice area for your space.

Are you worried that your new home backyard putting greens won’t hold up through the seasonal weather changes? SWG artificial putting greens are designed to weather storms, hot and humid summers, and cold harsh winters. Our synthetics are easy to maintain no matter the climate. Best of all, if you want to use your green year-round but the weather doesn’t permit it, you can put our golf practice greens inside your home! Utilize your backyard golf greens on days when the weather agrees with you, and your indoor design when you’d rather stay inside. So, what are you waiting for? Our residential turf and grass installers are ready to help you right now.

That’s what makes SWG Indiana backyard putting greens and backyard golf greens the best synthetics for your home. Build your backyard golf greens with SWG and get the best residential artificial putting greens and golf practice designs available. Contact us today to learn more!

At SWG we specialize in custom design. Our synthetic putting greens are constructed to supply a professional golf practice area, while also providing a beautiful amenity to your commercial or residential property. Our durable putting greens are made to withstand extreme weathering from the winter snow and summer humidity. Our dedication to customer service is shown during our annual maintenance where we inspect the greens to ensure your long-term enjoyment of your golf practicing greens. Contact us for a free consultation today!

SWG Indiana can build you an outdoor putting green or an indoor putting green anywhere that you desire. We are the largest provider of synthetic golf greens in the state with over 300 synthetic golf and synthetic grass projects in the state ofIndiana! Check out our Photo Gallery to view some of our backyard putting greens or synthetic turf installations.

Each Green is custom designed to help you improve your golf game and move you closer to accomplishing your goals. Our greens are made from the finest materials on the market today.  We do not take any shortcuts in our process.

When you go with Southwest Greens of Indiana, you get the synthetic turf manufactured from our owner, Shaw Industries, the largest turf producer in the world. You get to work with our partners, Nicklaus Design, who are experts in the design of golf greens. You also get the same products and installation practices that the best players in the world get. When you choose Southwest Greens of Indiana, you choose a company that gives you 100% customer satisfaction in knowing that your synthetic golf green is the best.

Columbus artificial grass from SWG can transform any lawn from ordinary to extraordinary! Artificial turf, synthetic lawn, and backyard putting green materials from SWG are made of the finest lifelike, polypropylene bent-grass fibers, from the best manufacturers in the business. Plus, there’s no chance of the grass burning, dying, or growing too long! Construction on residential or commercial properties can be done in under three weeks. Let your outdoor putting surface shine with a professional level of play, on one of our Nicklaus Design golf greens.

Columbus, artificial grass has never looked so good – and so lifelike! You’ll have to play on it to believe it! Across greater Columbus, artificial turf and synthetic lawns are becoming more and more popular due to our putting greens’ high level of quality and craftsmanship. For your backyard, or anywhere you choose, construction can begin almost right away for your residential or commercial outdoor golf area. Experience a more professional level of play, with our lifelike Nicklaus Design golf greens.

Turn your backyard into a golfer’s paradise! We can begin design and construction of your residential or commercial outdoor golf green almost immediately!

At SWG we provide our expert artificial greens to the areas of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown and surrounding counties and townships, including:

  • Boone
  • Hamilton
  • Clermont
  • Brown
  • Warren
  • Butler
  • Preble
  • Montgomery
  • Clinton
  • Greene
  • Clark
  • Champaign
  • Dublin
  • Powell
  • Worthington
  • Westerville
  • New Albany
  • Gahanna
  • Pickerington
  • Bexley
  • Hilliard
  • Grove City
  • Delaware
  • Grandview
  • Heights
  • Miami
  • Darke
  • Shelby
  • Logan
  • Fayette
  • Madison
  • Pickaway
  • Franklin
  • Union
  • Delaware
  • Licking
  • Fairfield
  • Granville
  • Lewis Center
  • Galena
  • Sunbury
  • Blacklick
  • Olentangy
  • Marysville
  • Lancaster
  • Heath
  • Newark
  • Zanesville
  • Mansfield

Shipping Quotes are for ANYWHERE in Indiana.  If you are located out of Indiana, please contact us directly so that we may get shipping approval from our Corporate office.

0-$600                                   Turf Order = $75.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge

$601 – $1499                        Turf Order = $100.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge

$1500 – $2999                      Turf Order = $150.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge

$3000 – $5999                      Turf Order = $200.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge

$6000 – and Over                Turf Order = $300.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge

All turf orders can be delivered directly to any business address or the closest conveniently located terminal.

Prices above are based on business address delivery only.  Residential Delivery available upon request. Additional pricing on ALL Residential deliveries will be confirmed prior to order being processed.

Services Frequently Asked Questions

Our professionally trained and certified installers are committed to providing the correct installation as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our team must consider several variables including undulations, contour, size, distance from where the materials are staged, and where the golf green is being built. The rule of thumb is that for every person working, you should expect 100 square foot per day to be completed on a green larger than 500 square feet. Projects that are smaller than 500 square feet usually takes about 35% less time.

Nylon is a lay down and play product. This means that it is ready to putt on immediately after you lay it down. It is a very user friendly product for the DIY’s. The down side of nylon is that it retains moisture, expands and contracts, and it heats up about 20 percent more than Polypropylene. We recommend nylon for people who are unable to afford a polypropylene sand infill green or are just looking to small putting area.

Polypropylene is a product that normally requires 6-8 lbs of sand per square foot. It is very difficult to install correctly and should only be installed by someone who has been properly trained. It allows full chip shots and the stemp can range from 9-14. It is normally for the avid golfer, but can be also used to bring the backyard back to the family. One of the benefits of installing a polypropylene green is that is can be reconditioned every year to look new again. You cannot do this with nylon.

Polypropylene surfaces simulate true bent grass, allowing you to chip and putt on a surface that has a sand infill. This material is also more durable and can be reconditioned annually for more enjoyment. Nylon surfaces are primarily used for putting greens that allow to you practice and utilize the surface year round. Contact us today to see which option works best for you.

Southwest Greens of Indiana uses the highest quality synthetic turf surfaces in the world. Designed to withstand hours of golf play and weather, your greens should last at least 10-15 years if maintained properly. Our annual inspections and on-going maintenance programs ensures that your Southwest Greens of Indiana look and feel like new. Our annual services include:

  •      Power broom discolored sand
  •      Inspection
  •      Re-Top Dress with New Green Sane
  •      Fix Nails and Repair Damages
  •      Re-roll to set the Stimp

·      Replenish Sand Bunkers

Our Southwest Greens of Indiana turf can be custom designed for indoor or outdoor use. Practicing your putting game indoors on a professional style synthetic putting green will help elevate your golf game. Whether you’re a coach and want your team practicing year-round on a large indoor practice area or you’re a private owner looking to enhance the beauty of your basement or man-cave with a dazzling putting green, our industry leading putting greens is the answer.

In recent years, home golf putting green installation has increased in popularity and usage. Southwest Greens of Indiana has a wide variety of products and options that can fit any budget. Our representatives will offer very affordable options that can get you chipping away in no-time. Backyard putting is becoming increasingly popular and almost as common as swimming pools and swing sets. Get started on a design for your home immediately.

Yes. Our artificial turf, synthetic putting greens and synthetic grass are all designed to maximum durability that has set the industry standard for performance. Withstanding high humidity, rain and snow, our golf greens and artificial lawns can be enjoyed year-round. We are committed to our product and performance. Our customer service includes annual inspections that will uncover and repair and possibilities of damages.

Southwest Greens of Indiana offers a custom course designed by experienced golfers and designers. Our expert installers will use the highest quality synthetic turf and artificial grass in the industry. We can include tee-lines, sand bunkers, and other obstacles aimed at enhancing your overall golf experience. Get hours and hours of practice on your own course at any time of the year.

Our low maintenance and affordable quality artificial greens include synthetic turf play area, pet areas, or artificial lawns. These beautiful synthetic greens do not have to be mowed or watered and can provide a beautiful enhanced look for your home or business. We offer various home and business artificial lawns and synthetic turfs. Contact us now to find out more about our options.

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