Southwest Greens Of Indiana



Golf Greens

Our high quality putting greens are remarkably close to a natural putting green, without the high maintenance.

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Artificial Turf and Grass

Our artificial grass is safe, stays green year round and does not need to be watered, mowed, trimmed, reseeded or fertilized.

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Pet Turf

Pet and dog grass from Southwest Greens Indiana is highly durable, resistant digging, stain resistant & easy to clean.

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Playground Turf

Our artificial playground turf will provide you with a designated play area that can be used for a wide variety of fun recreational activities.

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Bolt™ Fiber

Engineered to handle the demands of a high-traffic sports surface, Bolt™ Fiber features a lightning bolt-shaped fiber which creates a stronger vertical axis that causes the fibers…

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Southwest Greens unique and patented cooling synthetic turf system known as HydroChill is the only turf cooling system that reduces turf surface temperatures by up…

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